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Hello all!  Welcome to the Creating Critical Connections in Math and Science Blogsite, now integrating Immersing Middle School Teachers in Research Experiences in Math and Science.  This is the place for the daily journals, film clips, pictures and video podcasts of the learning adventures that occurred during the 2-week C3MS and IMSTREMS summer institutes.

Participants and visitors can select a Category on the right to see all the postings of any one engineering or Life Science study group.  The Miscellaneous Category is made up of postings by the project directors (Jeff Patterson and Bob Melton), pedagogy specialists (Dr. Tim Laubach and Dr. Stacy Reeder),  lead engineers (Dr. Susan Walden) or lead scientists (Helena Lucas and Dr. Mike Soreghan). Participants can also click one of the Tags on the right to see all the posting on a particular day.

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Year 4 Cohort – Lesson Integration

Lesson Integration: Year 4 Integration FINAL Teacher Leaders INTEGRATION Short Presentation

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Year Three Cohort Lessons

Two Lessons developed and tested during the IMSTREMS Summer Institute using a Lesson Study approach to design, assess, and validate their quality and effectiveness.

Fill’er up: Vase Activity IMSTREMS Lesson Study Year 3

Just Drop It: JUST DROP IT Lesson Study Just drop it presentation


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Year 2 Lessons

Year 2 Cohort Pedagogy Lessons

Bridging the Gap: Bridging the Gap Y2 Bridging the Gap-Learning Cycle Y2

Life Science – Energy Transfer: Energy Transfer in the Ecosystem Energy Transfer in an Ecosystem Game Energy Transfer in the Ecosystem 5 E Energy Transfer in the Ecosystem

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Year 1 Lessons

Time to share lessons.

Posted below are the lessons from the First Year Pedagogy Cohort

Density Lesson 1: 5 E Density lesson Ship Shape –density lesson Understanding Ideas in Science – Floating Logs

Cricket Lesson: Cricket lesson How Many Crickets

Density Lesson 2: Density – the Reason the Titanic Sank Density Lesson Plan

Liquid Layers: 5 E Lesson Plan Liquid Layers Layered Liquids

Pitching Pennies: Pinching Pennies Pinching Pennies Presentation

Wingin’ It:

Wing’n It Lesson Plan Wing’n It Student Data Sheet Wingin it Powerpoint Paper Helicopter Template

Hot Chocolate: ~$Y1 Lesson Hot Chocolate PPT Hot Chocolate Y1 Lesson Hot Chocolate PPT

Putt-Putt Boats: putt-putt boat Template PUTT-PUTT BOATS

Ramped Up Pedagogy: Pedagogy Lesson Presentation Pedagogy Lesson

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IMSTREMS 3.0 Research Presentations

Need to revisit an interesting presentation you saw at the Research Presentations?  Want to look at some of that data from the Bird People?  What about that climate data in Turn up the Heat?  Check it all out below Most of the presentations have been converted to pdf, but you can view them just like their .ppt original selves

A Bird in the Hand

Biodiversity Research Presentation

Blood Vessel

For Better or Worse

Land Cover Presentation

London Bridges

Mind Reading

Turn Up The Heat

What Remains

WYSIWYS Presentation



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Save the Date! First Follow-up August 16th

The first IMSTREMS 3.0 Follow-up workshop will be Saturdey, August 16th beginning at 8 AM.  Location on the OU Campus to be determined.

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Bridges – Day 8


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Biodiversity-Podcast 4

We wrapped up our research, two terrestrial sites looking at trees and invertebrates and three aquatic sites looking at water quality and invertebrates.  We are looking at our data and seeing if it supports our hypothesis. We aren’t done going though all of our data and making calculations but so far one of our hypotheses was supported by our data.

We did lose our fourth year mentor…she went to a teacher training that to she had already committed to…. But that training is in Destin, Fl!!! We miss her already!

Watch our video: https://vimeo.com/98604208

-Matt and Ally

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Blood vessel building team data gathering

We have been testing,counting, and collecting data.  We are looking forward analysis!  Click here to view

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A Great “Feet” of Engineering

Just you wait…duct tape and foam board shoes will be all the rage this season!The Shoemaker’s Elves

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